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Our Coach

Jakub uses his invisible sword
Jakub Twardosz


Jakub has had more than twenty years' experience in fighting with steel swords and other weapons.


Jakub brings an alternative view to sword work in exploring the practical issues of our 'sport' - using creative exercises to reinforce techniques, footwork and distance.


In Poland, his club used to put on demonstrations which attracted large crowds.






Our President

Jakub uses his invisible sword
Andy Tucker


Andy has more than ten years' experience in sports fencing and coaching, specialising in épée.


He has achieved success in competitions and in 2004 was Hertfordshire County Champion and six times winner of the club trophy.


Having graduated to HEMA in 2011, he is now president of the Club and occasional coach.

Our Treasurer

Cat Smith


Cat started HEMA in 2009 with no prior experience in any martial arts. Since then she has learned a lot from training with the IDC, to the point where she now occasionally teaches.


However, her main work is behind the scenes, helping the club to run smoothly. Just don't ask her anything about Facebook!

Our Historical Sources

Fiore Di Liberi


An Italian Master of the sword, who wrote the Flower of Battle (Fior di Battaglia, Flos Duellatorium) - one of the oldest surviving fightbooks.


This is our primary source of material for learning, starting from abrazare (unarmed), daga (dagger) and progressing to sword in one and two hands.

Paulus Hector Mair


A 16C civil Servant who collected fencing manuals, many of which are still preserved today.



The Iron Door Collective is available for events and  demonstrations.

We are also available for film and stage work and consultation.


If you would like to discuss our availability for your event,  please email us using the contact bar below.




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