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Training to be a Swordfighter?


Our training is based on surviving mediæval 'fightbooks' (1410+ onwards), mainly by Italian master Fiore dei Liberi.

We aim to interpret the original manuscripts and bring authentic techniques back to life as faithfully as possible. In this aspect we are not 're-enactors' of the lifestyle, nor do we hold large scale tactical mêlées (although we do sometimes have smaller mêlée games).

Warm Up

Expect about 20 minutes of warm up and strectching exercises designed to get you ready for training. We build coordination, stamina and speed in a fun session.


Please wear suitable clothing and bring a drink to keep hydrated.


Our lessons are designed to cover the syllabus of learning for a particular master.  You may be learning a sequence from Fiore's abrazare through dagger or longsword.


Our coaches tailor the learning to match your experience.

Free Play

"Free play" is a training technique which allows you to practice a set play (or plays) at your own pace with tight control over the conditions.

Don your protective equipment and practice your drills against an opponent. This is useful for putting into practice what you've learnt in a more dynamic, "combat" situation.

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